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Kaitli‚Äčn Murphy-Knudsen

Writer, Editor, Writing Coach

Kaitlin Murphy-Knudsen is an editor, writing coach, poet, and award-winning fiction writer. Her work has appeared in Newsweek, The Washington Post, Epiphany Literary Journal, The Peauxdunque Review, Ocotillo Review, Odet Journal, and other publications.

* 2021 Grantee, Professional Artist Grant, Creative Pinellas 

* Fiction finalist in the 2019 Words and Music Writing Competition from Peauxdunque Review ("Rescue"), for 2020 publication

* Fiction finalist in the 2018 International Literary Awards at the Center for Women Writers at Salem College ("The Intrusions")

* 2nd place fiction winner of the 2016 Romeo Lemay Writing Award ("Heat")

* Honorable Mention in the 2017 Writer's Digest Awards ("Hail Mary, Full of Grace: for Margaret)

* Honorable mention for poetry, Words and Music Writing Competition from The Peauxdunque Review ("Fountain of Youth, St. Augustine"), 2018

Services: Editing, Writing, Coaching and Communications Consulting

* Non-fiction and Fiction: Editing and coaching for authors

* Speeches, public testimony, book chapters & forewords

* Website content: drafting and/or editing

* Communications plans, strategic plans, reports, proposals, and guides for organizations

Contact Kaitlin directly and read references if you're ready for an editor to help get your work ready for the audience you want to reach.